Friday, March 14, 2014

Thrifted: Lady Soul coat

Everything here is thrifted except for my hideously $$$ but oh so lovely scarf
from Anthropologie, which I wear all the time. 

It's been 18 degrees C and sunny in Annecy the Great, but mornings have been cool.  My latest & greatest thift find has served me well as it's super warm yet Spring-like looking.

Added bonus: it was 70 percent off at the thrift shop so it tallied about 5 Euros!

The brand: Lady Soul, a now defunct Paris label that existed in the 1990s, which, judging by the splash page I found online, is soon to re-emerge on the fashion scene. Darling logo!

This jacket is warm - quilted, as you can see - with double collars and cuffs for extra layers.

Check out the details ....

Stitching at the elbows ....

Sewn-in logo by the hip pocket ....

I also picked up this fab Made-in-Italy bad-ass leather bag with hardcore zips and hardware, again for a song. The boots, suede and Spanish and also zipped, were also thrifted at the sale - which ends tomorrow!

Thanks to darling Bella (she of the youthful face) for saying I look young in my last post. I think it was the pink sweatshirt (UPDATE: I dyed it purple, and to my horror, it turned out this crappy shade of mauvey-purple, much like Val's jacket. Darn, should have left it pink).

With baby crawling and me being on my own for a while, I'm beat, and this pic shows it (also need a haircut; don't have time).

Happy weekend! Are you doing anything to celebrate St. Patty's Day? I haven't gone to a party and quaffed green beer since my 20s, but hubs and I are going to one this year, and I'm excited!


  1. Great jacket and bag!! You look good to me, but I understand being beat :)

  2. That bag! Those boots! The coat! That BAG (have I mentioned how much I love That BAG!?!) - this whole look is SO YOU!!! The sweatshirts...mehhh... they are okay, but I just can't get used to them on You (~ I'm sure it's a Mommy thing, but YOU are a 'Lady Soul' for Sure!!!)
    ...and when you get things so cheap, you are allowed to splurge on a $$$scarf now and then - right?-That is MY story anyways ;-)
    ~HAPPY ST PATS back at ya!!

  3. Love the new coat and bag, Kelly, and I think you look just great! Nope, we don't bother much with St Patrick's Day, though I could murder a pint of Murphy's right now... Enjoy your party! xxx

  4. That's a fab coat, a cool alternative to the khaki parka and the label looks very familiar, rather like 1990s Baby Phat, maybe?
    We don't do St Patrick's Day. Birmingham has the 3rd biggest parade in the world after Dublin and New York but I've never been, usually too hungover or working! xxx

  5. One cool coat with great details. I love the bag too! Wow you are a good thrifter. I do some thrifting and consignment shopping, so fun to get a bargain on something good like you are wearing.

    blue hue wonderland

  6. Kelly: Au contraire, you don't look tired to me - I was thinking how youthful and happy you look, particularly that first photo.
    As for St. Patty's, I work with a VERY IRISH lady here in Toronto, asked her if she celebrates, and she replied that in Ireland they don't make nearly the big deal of it that we do in Canada.....??
    Anyway, totally ENVYING the bag !
    Have fun at your party.
    Nan in Toronto

  7. Wow Lake Annecy looks wonderful in the morning. I wouldn't be able to tell you are tired from photos (though I imagine you must be with a young baby) you always look fresh and awake to me. Amazing buys! That bag looks in mint condition. The denim coat is very now and looks lovely and warm with that padding underneath.

  8. I love the bag! You always find the best stuff. That coat looks so comfy - having the cuff and collars make such a difference, kind of like a space suit.

    I'm going to try dying my jacket again - I think I need twice as much dye and even hotter water. And I might buy a duller blue, not royal. And maybe I'll just leave it to soak for hours!

  9. Hi Kelly- love this coat so much, 90s denim and quilted too, what a find!! Have a lovely weekend xxx

  10. You always look so youthful, and fresh, and you have the sweetest smile on the planet! :) Cool coat an other stuff, and your thrifthing adventures sound like so much fun! The lake is absolutely beautiful. Every time I see your plate with pretty little boxes, and your warm, creative interior... I don't know - something melts in my heart. I had a pretty bowl full of boxes just like yours- it's such a fun touch to a desk, reminds of candies somehow. :)

  11. First crawling, then walking, and then you really won't have a minute to yourself! For being tired, you look pretty fresh to me. That is a great coat purchase, I love the little details and the knit cuffs and collar. But, can I say how much I adore that bag - that is my kind of bag!

    Too bad about the sweatshirt - what about overdyeing it a darker shade of pink and see what happens?

    Here, St. Paddy's day is the day for the university students to get drunk and wreak havoc downtown while wearing skimpy green clothing.

  12. 18 degrees...that sounds wonderful! You wear tired well! The pretty colours of the scarf are perfect for a toddler chasing Mum! Your look today is all about the accessories for me. The Bag! The Booties! and The Scarf!