Monday, March 3, 2014

The sweatshirt chronicles

Suede booties: retail (half off Janurary sale)
Jeans: Toronto thrift shop
Sweatshirt: Annecy thrift shop
Laura Ashley scarf: Etsy
Suede bag: from a friend.

I could have worn this outfit circa 1984, when I was a scrawny 14-year-old: Peter Pan getaway boots; skinny jeans (I had a pair of super tight ones, being a bean pole - except we just called them "jeans" back then, not skinnies); scarf styled super big like this; and a sweatshirt.

Since my last post, I've ransacked my local thrift shop for sweatshirts - which has worked out great for my current style obsession and also for my budget, considering that almost everything in the shop is now 70 percent off, yay!

I found this pink one with pretty design on the back (by Slide Off, a name I've never heard of) in the Plus section. Really? It's oversize but not that big. I also found a few in the Mens' section, for a euro or so each after the discount.

This shade of pink isn't the grandest colour on me - it's pretty close to my skin tone - but I think the navy Laura Ashley scarf next to my face makes it work. 

I'm thinking I could overdye this top, with a dark blue, which would make it purple. But I'm not sure as I'm digging the retro 1980s vibe of the pink. What do you think?


  1. It reminds me of what I might have worn a smidge earlier than 1984; I did pixie boots, drainpipe jeans and scarves tied like that around 1981-2, I think. I was in sixth form and then my first year at university, and I bought old jeans and took them is so they were SOOOOO tight - wouldn't do it now!
    It's a cool casual look on you, Kelly, and I think the pink is just dark enough to flatter. Pastel pinks are tricky (on me, anyway) but what about dyeing it a hotter shade of pink? Purple would be great too! xxx

  2. Me, too! I'd have combined it with a grey jersey ra-ra skirt, legwarmers , a massive spiral perm and some hideous teenage boy on my arm!
    I like that colour on you, the scarf is a clever addition to stop the colour draining you! xxx

  3. I like the idea of going a darker pink. The scarf is a great colour buffer zone though.

    I wanted to thank you for the comment you made on my blog. I didn't even realize that on my personal blog I had in fact never mentioned my age but that it was a paradox to be on a blog called 40+style and then get mad that people were mentioning my age. It all made sense after I read your comment.


  4. I should send you my skull sweatshirt i found on sale at H&M - i don't know why i bought it! - I'm not really a sweatshirt girl, only when i go to yoga or bed - Pink is good on you but you are right the scarf makes it even nicer -

    To reply to your comment, yes i'm honest, very honest, too honest i should shut my mouth sometimes . hahhaha! But this is something people like about me -

    Take care

    Big hugs


  5. Dye it! Dyed purple sounds cool. I need some sweatshirts-- I'm in Asheville now and I'm rediscovering 'cold'. Brrrrrr!

  6. I use to love my 80s leggings and sweatshirt combos! I'd dye it but then I rarely 'do' pink! M x

  7. Oh I remember the '80's. I wore big sweaters and black jeans and whites lace up booties all the time. It jars the brain to see a it all come back. The top looks great on you especially with the scarf. Dying it purple sounds interesting!

    blue hue wonderland

  8. Yep, this brings back memories of my 80's outfits too - black skinny jeans, grey peter pan boots and and oversize sweatshirt with the sleeves rolled up! It's a nice shade of pink, and the scarf really makes it. It would look cool in a darker pink like Curtise suggested.

  9. Hi there!! I love the colour of the sweatshirt as it is and definitely wearing different pattern and colour scarves to contrast will maximise the looks, I love it! xx

  10. Awwwh. What a cutie you still are ... not so far removed from your very youthful looks of your teen years. Just better! Pretty colors together ... and how fun to have pattern varieties coming and going. Always interesting here!

  11. I love seeing cute casual looks on blogs, because casual really is what I wear most of the time!

  12. You look so good (and young) I can see a present day kid rocking your outfit. What fountain of youth drink are you imbibing?

  13. So pink is really "in" right now (not that any of us care, really), but as a gal who dyes clothing regularly, I say "go for it!" Purple has been one of my most successful colors. Then again, it looks really cute the way it is, too. A lot of help I am!