Monday, February 24, 2014

Grungy Mommy

Thanks to Amber, another (but not grungy) Mommy, for snapping this pic and the one below.

You've heard of Yummy Mummy? Meet Grungy Mommy.

Grungy Mommy rolled out of bed this morning and ran out to a Mom and Tot's meetup around the lake with nary a thought to her wardrobe: beat up jeans; Peter Pan getaway boots; mismatched florals, and - GASP - an actual SWEATSHIRT.

Dare Grungy Mommy blog again?

Boots & scarf: retail
Jeans & Mulberry bag: Annecy thrift shop
Sweatshirt & coat: Etsy
Ray Ban shades: Annecy antique market.

Dear readers, we're in this together (unless GM's look has you running for the hills, far far away) - that means for the good outfits, and for the not-so-good ones.

Truth is, Grungy Mommy can't really get her style together at the mo. She's been struggling for a while, and sadly, has either gone the way of beige, or, well, grungy disheveled. Oddly, the latter look is appealing to her sensibility now. She's really into the Vintage Sweatshirt.

Grungy Mommy doesn't even have a photog today so she's resorted to showing you the pretty ribbons and birdies, on the second-hand 1980s-90s sweatshirt she bought recently, via an embarrassingly bad selfie. She loves the 1980s Flashdance-esque grey sweatshirt crossed with the pretty yet faded print ... a grungy-pretty hybrid, if you will.

She's digging sweatshirts so much that she also bought Cutesy-Pie one at the thrift shop last week.

She'll stop writing in the third person now.

I actually went on the thrift shop dig of my life last week and came home with some great pieces, including these 1990s chenille and velvet scarves for a Euro each.

This French-made tapestry vest matches the pillow in the background! It's super fitted and will look great with the wide-leg pre-pregnancy denim pants I can now get into, yippee ....

At least I'm somewhat consistent.

I seem to have a wondering eye in this stellar selfie, but the focus should be on the vintage wool and angora beret by Kangol. And perhaps the tie-dyed vintage sweatshirt you can just make out.

More bling. Do I need it? Of course not. I seem to be buying with an eye for selling one day down the road. It has a great weight to it, something I always look for in vintage or second-hand jewellery.

Heavy-duty 1980s ethnic necklace ....

Made in France barrette, a gift for someone ....

I may have to hang onto this one. Again, style contradictions appeal to me. The ethnic vibe of the metal versus the oh-so-girly pink pearlesque faux stones of this necklace is right up my alley.

Coats were 70 percent off so I snagged this Western German-made cashmere and lambswool blue swing coat for a song. It's one of the nicest made coats I've ever seen, with a wonderful nap. Sadly, I can find nothing about the label when I ask the Google Gods.

I'm not just Grungy Mommy. I'm also Can't Craft to Save My Life Mommy (unlike a lot of the Mommies I hang with here). When I do thank you cards these days for gifts given to Adam, I let him play on his fave iPad app, Paint Sparkle, and he whips up a gorgeous creation that I subsequently print, cut and glue onto coloured construction paper. None of the lines I cut are straight but aside from the kid's artwork people seem to like the imperfection.

And if I'm about anything, it's certainly imperfection.

I also name them, so, from left to right:

"I'm Hungry"
"Mommy in the 1980s".

In the park today (for privacy purposes I cut out the sweetie poo who was giving Adam a toy - soo sweet as most tots grab 'em). It was a glorious 14 degrees C! We haven't really even had a winter in Annecy proper. Hopefully spring is with us to stay.

Grungy Mommy signing off so she can hop over (dare she?) to Visible Monday. See you there!


  1. I think you still have your mojo, Kelly - your eye does not fail you, ever, when you're at the shops! And frankly, I love a confident woman in a sweatshirt. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, and for the pic of your cutie pie. xox

  2. Love that picture of you and Adam at the end, so natural and lovely! The art work is fab.
    Liz bought that same hat in red from a chazza a few hours ago. Kangol just go on for ever. The hipsters love those sweatshirts, I always snap them up when I find them. xxx

  3. You have such a great eye for vintage! I love your outfit - very stylish! Your son is adorable!!

  4. Don't worry, Kelly, you've still got it! So you're rocking the Grungey Mum style, that's cool! You always look put-together and gorgeous, I don't think you need to fret!
    Great jewellery finds, as always, and Adam is looking utterly adorable. xxxx

  5. Annecy looks gorgeous! We're getting a taste of spring now after two freezes, and it's heaven!

    Who cares if you're going through a little slump - you still have more style and great taste than most women. And you have more important things on your mind, like your artistic and adorable little Adam. I am jealous of that vest - I really want a similar one, and they're not easy to find.

  6. Hi Kelly!

    It was nice talking to you! Hope you are doing well- Hope all is well and don't miss hubby too much - Lucky you 14 degrees, here it's more like -14 degrees - I guess you will eventually find your style, just don't think about it too much, it will come to you- Now i guess with baby you are trying to find quick and easy styling solutions -

    Take care


  7. I just love what you are doing with that app on your iPad and making those cards! What a creative idea.

    It looks so lovely there! I am very jealous. Here it is bitterly cold still. It feels like this winter will never end.

    I think it is great that you are able to get back into your pre pregnancy pants already! High five.

    Also it is great you are still out thrifting. That's keeping your styling juices flowing.

    I have to say it but you look very French in the photo with the big colourful scarf and tailored coat. You may have absorbed that "effortlessly chic" gene from the French while living there.


  8. Hi my dear!! oh I do so love your grey floral sweatshirt, I've also been living in my oversized sweatshirt and jeans so much lately it's so not worth doing outfit posts at the moment, hehe!! Loving your finds especially the jewellery, very pretty and unique! Adam is growing so fast, he is such a little sweetie! xx

  9. You are doing lovely.
    Enjoy your precious time, and do keep in touch
    love and sunshine

  10. Sweatshirts are perfect for chasing a toddler around! Because of the horrendous, double-digits-below-zero winter we're having, I've taken to wearing - horror of horrors - thrifted fleece tops, some of them even menswear! And I love them. Just can't seem to stay warm in anything else.
    Today I put on a t-shirt and a "formal" wool jacket to meet a friend for coffee and felt incredibly dressed up :) .
    So enjoy your comfort - you still look smashing!
    Nan in Toronto

    1. Nan, I hit the men's area for the first time in the thrift shop and found all sorts of cool sweatshirts and tops for a few Euro! Arg, I may have to change my blog name to Sweatshirt Chic. I bet you've found some cool fleeces. Stay warm in the deep freeze. :)

  11. You're always so chic in your vintage ... but fun to see the sweatshirt style maven come out! You look pretty, anyhow, and have a great cache of finds!

  12. Oh, keeping it real! We all like to see this Kelly! It's funny about the sweatshirts. I see them around, F21, Old Navy etc., and I just can't do it, LOL. I used to LIVE in sweats, and I feel a bit like an addict...afraid that I'll completely regress if I try just one on.

    I totally love your cards, and believe me, that is creative stuff you're doing. It's not all Adam! So, there ya are officially a DIY'er.

  13. If that is you not thinking about what you're wearing, I would hate for you to see me right now. Sweatshirts are in right now anyway, so it is to your advantage. That's the beauty of boho has a certain ease to it. And you wee boy is SO CUTE.

  14. Loving your updates! Looking stylish in your cozy sweatshirts. :)

  15. Enjoying your down to earth blog and great sense of humor. What great thrift store finds!